Vanessa Ionta Wright is a film director and producer based in the metro Atlanta area.    

 She is the owner of Above the Line Artistry as well as the co-founder and Festival Director of

 the Women in Horror Film Festival.  Vanessa recently collaborated with Mark Simon (One  

 Missed Call), David Irwin (House of 1000 Corpses), Josh Oliver (Oculus) on her 2nd film with

 writer/producer Samantha Kolesnik, "RAINY SEASON". Vanessa graduated from Ohio  

 University with a degree in Video Production & Film. She is a lifelong fan of cinema, most

 especially the horror genre. She enjoys punctuality,  scary movies, a quick wit, sandwiches, the

 music of Michael Jackson, Halloween & Bacon Jam.  She does not enjoy bugs, clowns, perpetual

 lateness, mean people, oppression, laziness, running more than 3 miles or curved walls.


 Samantha Kolesnik is an independent film producer and writer living in Pennsylvania. Her

 screenplays have been recognized at Shriekfest, the International Sci Fi and Horror Short  

 Screenplay Competition, GenreBlast Film Festival, Shiver International Film Festival, Lake

 Charles Film Festival, and more. She is a long-time fan of horror films.​​

Just 8 1/2 miles from the legendary Pinewood Studios and less than 2 miles from Raleigh Studios, home of AMC's The Walking Dead!  

The Crowne Plaza is set back in the woods of Peachtree City, the perfect "spooky" setting for the Women in Horror Film Festival!

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The Women in Horror Film Fest is thrilled and honored to be working with such talents artists!  Our logo was designed by Tattoo Artist Chris Fullam out of Dayton, OH!  Our custom trophy  is being designed by Cincinnati based sculpturist and model maker, Karl Libecap of Monster Dork Studio!

​​Women in Horror​Film Festival

Chris Fullam

vanessa ionta wright

Karl is a sculpture artist out of Cincinnati, OH.  He is also the proud owner of Monster Dork Studios.  We were honored to have him bring Chris' art to 3D life by designing this one of kind work of art trophy!

Chris is a talented artist & musician from Ohio.  His current medium is skin & ink, working as a brilliant tattoo artist at Tattoo Tech in Dayton.    

​​ Festival Directors

Susan Boone

 Crowne Plaza Atlanta SW    

 Peachtree City

 Logo & Trophy Designers 

 Festival Coordinator

samantha kolesnik

 Susan Boone grew up an eager consumer of all things horror, reading authors  

 ranging from Edgar Allen Poe to Stephen King, and never missing a Saturday

 afternoon Creature Feature.  After prosecuting criminal cases for 20 years, telling

 real-life horror stories to jurors, Susan has transitioned into film as a Script

 Supervisor and has worked on several independent projects including the

 delightfully creepy Rainy Season, based on the Stephen King short story.  She

 enjoys helping talented film makers bring their visions to life.