The Women in Horror Film Fest is thrilled and honored to be working with such talents artists!  Our logo was designed by Tattoo Artist Chris Fullam out of Dayton, OH!  Our custom trophy  is being designed by Cincinnati based sculpturist and model maker, Karl Libecap of Monster Dork Studio!

 Melissa Hannon - Film Judge

 Logo & Trophy Designers 

Karl is a sculpture artist out of Cincinnati, OH.  He is also the proud owner of Monster Dork Studios.  We were honored to have him bring Chris' art to 3D life by designing this one of kind work of art trophy!

 AnnaLily Moretz - Festival Staff

Susan Boone grew up an eager consumer of all things horror, reading authors ranging from Edgar Allen Poe to Stephen King, and never missing a Saturday afternoon Creature Feature.  After prosecuting criminal cases for 20 years, telling real-life horror stories to jurors, Susan has transitioned into film as a Script Supervisor and has worked on several independent projects including the delightfully creepy Rainy Season, based on the Stephen King short story.  She enjoys helping talented film makers bring their visions to life.

April Bedan, FANGORIA Staff/Sales and Fangoria Musick Manager April started in the entertainment industry in 2011 as a booking agent and music management. In September 2015, she began working with FANGORIA as the manager of its record label, Fangoria Musick. She now lends a hand as a proud member of FANGORIA Staff and FANGORIA Sales Management. April also works full-time within the University of Texas system where she serves as a data specialist in Admissions and Enrollment Management. She spends her scarce downtime making music videos and short films of things from your nightmares.

 Festival Staff

Festival Judges

Ted Dewberry is an award winning screenwriter & published author.  After a colorful and dangerous upbringing with wild "Me Generation" parents in East Hollywood, Ted spent his early years trying to break away from the chaos that surrounded him. During this time, cinema transitioned from his means of escaping the chaos of his life to his career goal. After spending years in film school where he clashed with the teachers about the direction of his work, the plausibility of a filmmaking career came into question.
Faced with a tough choice to try a different career, Ted became a special education teacher in inner-city Los Angeles during the tense period of the O.J. Simpson trial.
Later, after battling with learning disabilities of his own for years, Ted made enough progress to start his lifelong dream to write screenplays.
After many years of honing his writing, culminating in a move to the Midwest, Ted began to achieve success in contests such as the Nicholl Fellowship, Shriekfest and the McKnight Fellowship. While writing fiction, Ted verbally shared his wild childhood with others and was universally encouraged to bring these stories to the page. Finally, in 2014, he started to do just that. The result is his book, "East Hollywood".

Edward Santiago is a screenwriter who resides in Austin, Texas. He is the winner of the 2015 Shriekfest Film Festival for Best Fantasy Feature Screenplay and a Finalist at the 2016 Oaxaca Film Festival for Knights of the Valiant Heart. He was also a finalist for the 2014 Shriekfest and the 2015 Oaxaca Film Festival for his western/horror script The Devil Himself. His credits includes writing for the short film, The Blue Car.

Edward is a Full Sail University graduate with an MFA in Creative Writing. He teaches screenwriting at the Austin School of Film in Austin, Texas.

 Terri Adams - Screenplay Judge

AnnaLily is a hardworking PA on the road to being an assistant director, as well as an aspiring actress. 
She's worked on Baby Driver with Edgar Wright, American Grit with John Cena, a short film: AMAIA with Arma Benoit, a Stephen King short film headed by 3 brilliant women, as well as Ellen Kuras on two separate shows: When The Streetlights Go On (a Hulu pilot directed by Brett Morgan) and Ozark (a Netflix original series starring Jason Bateman).  "I'm more inspired each day because of all of the brilliant minds both on the screen and behind the scenes; but specifically, being a young woman, I'm most inspired by all of the other women who continuously break down walls within the industry."

Kathy Oliver is a Freelance Production Manager and Production Coordinator. She has a Bachelors degree in Communications with a minor in Marketing from the University of South Alabama.  She has had the privilege to work on numerous feature films, television series, commercials, and music videos including American Horror Story, Scream Queens, Gerald's Game and Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter to name a few. She resides in New Orleans, and fills her free time cooking & baking, traveling to tropical locations, and enjoying live music and comedy events.

Tanya Chuturkova is a Creative Producer and Director with experience in television, theater and film. Tanya has written, produced  and directed eight short films and is currently developing a scripted TV series. She also produces and directs variety TV shows, commercials, corporate videos, non-scripted TV series and live events for TV broadcast, as well as all types of creative video content. Tanya has specialized as a First Assistant Director on the film sets of commercials and more than 20 films, including the short films “Becoming Lucy” and “War Bride” winners of numerous film festival awards. Tanya has an editing background with credits on numerous award-winning variety shows and commercials. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, Tanya is currently based in New York City and develops diverse types of audiovisual projects for the European, North American and the expanding Chinese markets.

Melissa has been a freelance writer and editor for multiple horror sites over the last two years before starting her own site in June 2016. combines horror with geek culture and gaming, three passions Melissa has had most of her life. The site has now grown to 20 writers and one other editor. She is a proud family member of Eli Roth's Crypt TV and was recently named "Member of the Month." She also helps admin one of the largest horror groups on Facebook in addition to several smaller groups. Melissa has a passion for watching cheesy horror, small budget independent films and films involving practical effects. She also attends various horror, comic and gaming conventions throughout the year, meeting and interviewing some of her favorite people from the industry.

 Karl Libecap

Well known for her role as Nancy Thompson in Wes Craven's a Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Heather Langenkamp also shines behind the camera. She and her husband, SFX make up artist David Anderson, own and operate AFX Studios in Los Angeles, CA .  Their work has been seen in films and television like The Cabin in the Woods (2012), Dawn of the Dead (2004) and American Horror Story.  

April Bedan - Film Judge

    Amanda Wyss was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California. Discovered by an agent who saw her portray Flora, in the "The innocents" and Rhoda, in "The Bad Seed" at local LA theatres. As a teenager, she appeared in many commercials and landed her first television roles on the science fiction hit "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century", as a wood nymph in love with Buck Rogers and a recurring role on Universal's "When the Whistle Blows". She won a Best Young Actress award for her portrayal of Cindy Scott, the daughter of an alcoholic in the ABC After School Special "She Drinks a Little". By her early twenties she had graduated to lead roles in major motion pictures such as "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "A Nightmare on Elm Street", "Better Off Dead", "Silverado", as well as indies such as the award-winning "Powwow Highway", where she portrayed real-life character, Rabbit Layton. She continues to work extensively in television, with recurring roles on "Cheers", "St. Elsewhere", "Cagney & Lacey", "Highlander,  "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", "Dexter" and "Murder In The First". Look for her latest films "The Id", Alice, The Capture and the horror film "Oct 23rd". When not on set, Amanda pursues her passion for yoga and traveling. She is honored to lend her time and talent to environmental organizations, The Erudio Project (Technology for Peace) and Project Happiness.

Terri Adams is a Line Producer for low budget, independent films. She is currently working on an Atlanta based film project, BLIND TRUST. In addition to her work as a producer, Terri has written several screenplays, including the adaptation of BLIND TRUST. Over the years, Terri has held numerous roles in the film industry including actor, director, script developer and casting director.  Terri is a screener for the Atlanta Film Festival and has adjudicated several film festivals and screenplay competitions. She holds an English Literature major and Theatre minor from Georgia State University.  She is married to the most fabulous Blake Adams and is mother of Ryan, Belle and Tess.

Chris is a talented artist & musician from Ohio.  His current medium is skin & ink, working as a brilliant tattoo artist at Tattoo Tech in Dayton.    

Since beginning her production career in June 2016, Karla Palacios has already been involved in various productions in the Atlanta area, which include but are not limited to feature and short films. Karla holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies with a Minor in Creative Writing from the University of South Florida. Karla currently works as a Production Assistant, and resides in Atlanta, GA.

Marianne Maddalena - Feature Film Judge

​​Women in Horror​Film Festival

 Susan Boone - Festival Coordinator

 Ted Dewberry - Screenplay Judge

Brandon Taylor of Hollow Tree Films, is a director and producer living in New York City.  Some of his credits include Luminosity (2012), The Remembrance (2013), Six Windows (TV Series 2015), The Price of Bones (Short 2016)

 Edward Santiago - Screenplay Judge

 Tanya Chuturkova - Film Judge

 Kevin Peterson - Screenplay Judge

 Amanda Wyss - Short Film Judge

 Chris Fullam

 Brandon Taylor - Film Judge

 Dayna Noffke - Film Judge

Dayna Noffke's bio coming soon!

She entered in the world of cinema in early 1986, when she had a job from Warner Bros. on "Deadly Friend". She was the personal secretary for Wes Craven and they became very good friends. So, in late 1986, Craven call her to be his assistant in "The Serpent and the Rainbow": shooting started on february 1987 in Haiti and it was very difficult for all the crew and cast members. In 1988, when the film was released, Marianne wanted to start in production: Craven was developing "Shocker" for Alive Films and she was attached to produce it with Barin Kumar. The budget was really limited but when the film was released, it took $16m at box office. After her first success, Marianne became an official co- producer for Wes Craven: in 1990 she was involved in the production of NBC TV movie "Night Visions" and two years later she worked again for TV on the series "Nightmare Cafe". Between those TV works, she produced "The People Under the Stairs" and with "New Nightmare" (the first film that she produced alone) she was nominated at Independent Spirit Awards. After executive production for the flop "Vampire in Brooklyn" and hit "Scream", she produced "Scream 2", "Music of the Heart" and "Scream 3".

 Karla Palacios - Festival Staff

As a journalist, podcaster and award-winning blogger, Jonathan Williams has always kept horror at the forefront of his reviews and interviews. Having held editorial positions at niche publications such as Gothic Beauty and Prick tattoo magazine, he has also covered sinister subjects and other areas of the arts for such publications as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Creative Loafing, Girls and Corpses, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Stomp and Stammer and Backstage magazine. He is the founder of the multi-award-winning, where he covers pro wrestling, film, literature, art and other subjects. Currently he co-hosts the Pro Wrestling Roundtable, part of the Earth Station One family of podcasts.

Over the past couple of years, Williams has segued into the film world, working as a set dresser on genre productions such as the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, the award-winning short film Rainy Season, IFC’s Stan Against Evil and the upcoming James Franco horror heist The Vault. He is also the promoter of the horror variety show known as Monstrosity Championship Wrestling, which has delighted fans at historic Atlanta-area venues like the Masquerade, Six Flags Over Georgia’s Fright Fest, the Starlight Drive-In and Avondale Estate’s Art-B-Que festival. WIlliams is proud and excited to be part of the inaugural Women in Horror Film Festival.

Kevin Peterson (Owner of Pure Grain Productions) spent fifteen years working for some of the country's largest film exhibitors, bringing a demonstrated knowledge of the business to WIHFF.  Kevin earned a Master of Science degree in Entertainment Business and has been independently writing screenplays for over 16 years.  He produces quality films and is ambitious, adaptive, imaginative, and foremost, passionate about film.

 Kathy Oliver - Screenplay Judge

 Jonathan Williams - Film Judge

 Heather Langenkamp - Short Fim Judge