2018 Screenplay Finalists

Feature Screenplay Finalists



written by Rachel Woolley 

Adult girlfriends struggling to reconnect at an old-school slumber party must fight for their lives when the "dream guys" of their retro dating board game manifest in the flesh--and turn out to be total nightmares.


The Night Before the Exhibition

written by Kirston Fortune

Arriving in town during the worst blizzard in a century, a young woman discovers her art student brother has gone off his meds and is creating an entirely new body of work — using his fellow students’ actual bodies.


Single Family Home

written by Tara C. Hall and Bel Delia

When a couple moves into their dream house to prepare for the arrival of an adoptive child, an unwanted “guest” threatens to tear apart their perfect family, forcing them to go to unspeakable lengths to get rid of her.



written by Emma Olsen and Vere Tindale

Silas didn't have a happy childhood. Aunt Bunny made sure of that. Now an adult and on the brink of literary success, Silas must return home with his girlfriend Rose. Back to the woods. Back to the darkness. Back to Bunny. 


Women and Children First

written by Tara C. Hall

After surviving a brutal attack, a single mother raises her two children to be hyper-vigilant at the cost of their childhood and her sanity. But when three armed men break into their home with violent intentions, the children use their training to save their mother.


The Heebies

written by Andrea McGee

In this fun creature feature, a young man makes a terrifying discovery while visiting his hometown for his estranged mother’s funeral -- creatures that emulate human hair and devour their victims from the inside out.



written by Rona Mark

Recently engaged to her girlfriend, a young psychologist with a dangerous secret fetish tries to live a double life, but when she crosses paths with a sadistic serial murderer she has to choose between saving her fiancé or living as her true self.


The Caul

written by Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein

The balance of light and darkness is disrupted as a young girl born under mysterious circumstances in a superstitious coastal town is recruited by a dying witch to carry on her order's tradition.


Black Goose

written by Janet Hetherington

The appearance of a strange black goose heralds terrifying incidents for a woman and her family escaping abuse by moving to an isolated farm that harbors an old curse.


The Haunt

written by Shiva and Duckie Rodriguez

Four vacationers discover that a haunted attraction has a dark secret to its success.


Short Screenplay Finalists



written by Kenesha Williams

A young girl receives a late night visitor when her parents are away, but she's not as innocent as she seems.



written by Anna Eichenauer

A woman awakens in a strange place and soon realizes she's the main subject of a cruel research experiment.



written by Rakefet Abergel

A traumatic event forces a recovering addict to face her demons, without her worried fiancé uncovering the truth.


The Cull

written by Leslie Linder

Aidan regains consciousness in a slaughter-house while meanwhile, a suburban housewife prepares steaks for her family. Will Aidan and his comrades be next on the plate?


Hiking Buddies

written by Megan Morrison

Following a personal tragedy, hard-core hiker Madeline joins a hiking group in hopes of meeting like-minded people. But when the casual hikers won’t pick up their trash, Madeline breaks her own rules by leaving something in the woods herself: their blood.