The Women in Horror Film Festival was founded in late 2016 by filmmakers Vanessa Ionta Wright and Samantha Kolesnik. We are a filmmaker, screenwriter, and community focused festival dedicated to celebrating and showcasing women directors, writers, cinematographers, FX Artists, editors, production designers, composers, producers, and performers in horror cinema, as well as the teams with whom they work. 

Festival Directors:


Vanessa Ionta Wright


Vanessa Ionta Wright is a filmmaker based in the metro Atlanta area. Vanessa collaborated with DP Mark Simon (One  Missed Call), David Irwin  (House of 1000 Corpses), Josh Oliver (Oculus) and writer/producer Samantha  Kolesnik on RAINY SEASON, based on the story by Stephen King. She also directed I BAKED HIM A CAKE (written by Samantha Kolesnik) and most recently a PSA for TWISTED TWINS PRODUCTIONS Massive Blood Drive (Feb 2018).  Vanessa graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Video  Production & Film. She is a lifelong fan of cinema, most especially the horror genre. She enjoys  punctuality,  scary movies, a quick wit, sandwiches, the music of Michael Jackson, Halloween &  Bacon Jam.  She does not enjoy bugs, clowns, perpetual lateness, mean people, oppression, laziness, running more than 3 miles or curved walls.


Samantha Kolesnik


Samantha Kolesnik is a writer and filmmaker living in Pennsylvania. She directs, writes, and produces, with a focus on horror, thriller, and dark drama. Samantha is a devotee of the indie horror community and of the DIY ethos. She believes in supporting other filmmakers and writers, and in coming together as a community to enact positive social change through art.