2018 LIzzies

2018 LIzzies


This has been my favorite festival to be a part of! It really created a sense of community amongst filmmakers and there was so much support to go around. The festival organizers were wonderful and started something really special with this festival. Highly recommend it and my group now has the goal to always be a part of it. - Robbie Barnes, director BEYOND REPAIR

WIHFF is a dream. The festival serves as a model for how to create a strong community of filmmakers. The programming is stellar, the festival is well-attended and it is a place where filmmakers come together to celebrate and lift each other up. Sam and Vanessa are doing critical work and the effect is sheer magic. - Shayna Connelly, director QUIVER

WIHFF is magical. I am so depressed that I couldn’t attend this year. Vanessa and Sam are incredibly nurturing, and understand what filmmakers need/want during these events. They have curated a truly supportive event that inspires. I cannot wait to attend next year. - Brooklyn Ewing, director SHE WAS SO PRETTY: BE GOOD FOR GOODNESS SAKE

I attended WIHFF for the first time and it was amazing. Sam and Vanessa run a first class festival. The screenings were well attended. But the real sign of a fantastic festival is the people attending. A lot of filmmakers were in attendance to support each other. Sam and Vanessa have worked hard to built a festival around the idea of promoting films by voices traditionally not heard as much. And you can really feel that excitement from the filmmakers. Submitting to and attending WIHFF is a must. It’s an experience you can’t turn down. - Michael Escobedo, director THE DAUGHTERS OF VIRTUE

The WIHFF was hands down, no contest, the best festival I've ever attended as either a fan or an accepted filmmaker. The communication is fantastic, the venue is cool, the content is outrageously incredible, the panels and Q&A's are intelligent and well run, the parties are too fun and most importantly, the artists and fans you'll meet at this festival are unparalleled in their awesomeness. I couldn't recommend this festival more highly - be it to submit your work, or to see the incredible work that comes out of it. 10/10 I will definitely be back next year! - Simone Kisiel, director BUGS: A TRILOGY

Amazing festival that I had to the honor of attending this year. This is a very special place that is one of a kind. Sam and Vanessa make sure you feel that you are truly a part of the family. And this family is full of wonderful empowering talented filmmakers! Thank you Women in Horror! - Marinah Janello, director ENTROPIA

This festival is going on to it's 3rd year and can tell it is ONLY THE BEGINNING ! It will undoubtedly grow larger each year. Sam and Vanessa truly have something special here. Thank you Women in Horror Film Festival Atlanta! - Erin Day, writer DUSSO

I look forward to this festival all year long. Sam and Vanessa have created a unique and welcoming atmosphere. I highly recommend submitting and/or attending this film festival! - Melissa Kunnap, director FEAST

This was a beautifully curated festival. The communication was friendly, informative and prompt. The hospitality was thoughtful. The location is amazing! It felt like summer-camp for film-makers at the lovely crowne-plaza nestled under-neath an enormous canopy of trees. The festival attendees were all friendly and interesting and there was ample time to network and mingle. I definitely recommend this festival. I'm so happy I attended. - Sarah Reimers, director BITTEN

Where do I even begin. WIHFF is truly special, it's a phenomenal festival in every single capacity. The programming is fantastic, unique, and diverse; every single film I saw was seriously excellent and represented so many different perspectives. The entire event is so well organized; Sam and Vanessa have really thought of everything (great communication, attendance, press coverage, filmmaker Q&As and interviews, panels, awards, and super on theme parties). They've put so much into creating a true celebration of women in horror. The venue is perfect and the festival has really cultivated a welcoming, inclusive, and inspiring tight-knit community of filmmakers, press, creatives, and horror lovers. I left completely blown away by WIHFF, couldn't have had a more perfect experience, and am really just so grateful to have been included in such an exciting, fantastic festival. - Devan Gallagher, director Z-STUY

I did not get to go unfortunately as I had to work. I can say though with 110% confidence that what Sam and Vanessa have created is extremely special not just for women but all filmmakers. I feel like our film joined a family and it's a family I'm so proud to support. - Colin Costello, director THE AFTER PARTY

If you're a woman in horror, do yourself a favor and submit to this festival. The communication is very professional and the festival organizers will make you feel invited and appreciated. I met a ton of extremely talented women and allies at this festival and was floored by the support and love that I felt. - Anna Eichenauer, screenwriter PRETENDERS

OUTSTANDING FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE. Thoughtfully organized, beautifully executed, terrific curation of great films and - most of all - a thoroughly supportive, inclusive, artist-to-artist celebration of each others' work. Already looking forward to getting to know my co-filmmakers better in the future. Thank you Sam and Vanessa for a tremendous experience! - Angela Atwood, director LADY HUNTERS

Wonderful communication, professionalism and promotion from this festival - they really support filmmakers and work hard to get the films reviewed, attended and talked about. - Clarissa Jacobson, writer LUNCH LADIES

I was so well supported by Women in Horror Film Festival. They nominated my film Little Lamb for 7 awards and in the end the team received a Lizzie award for Best Production Design. Both the nominations and the awards were a great boost for my film, and I only wish I could have made it to the festival as it looked like a very special time for all who attended. What's more, the team running the festival have created a vibrant engaged online community since the festival so even though i couldn't attend in person I do now feel more connected to my peers internationally. Next time I get a chance to attend I definitely will. - Heidi Lee Douglas, director LITTLE LAMB

This festival was a wonderful surprise! The fest directors are so welcoming and responded quickly to all of my questions. Very well organized. Peaceful, unique venue. They curated a lineup of truly impressive, quality films. The filmmakers who came out to represent their films were lovely people, and everyone was so approachable and fun to hang out with. We have stayed in touch with a number of people we met there, and consider them good friends now. This fest also has a unique mission: to showcase films in which women hold integral creative roles, not just films with female directors. It really puts the spotlight on the often under-recognized jobs like producing, writing, composing, cinematography, and SFX. In addition to the films, there were really informative panels and demos. And super fun parties every night! Do NOT miss this festival!! One of the best we attended in 2017. And it was just the first year for this fest. Imagine what 2018 holds! - Trysta Bissett, writer RUIN ME

This is an incredible festival. Absolutely not to be missed! We attended from Australia and were made to feel welcome from the very first moment we arrived at the airport in Atlanta. Sam and Vanessa are amazing hosts. The festival was attended by inspirational and iconic filmmakers who, along with the other attendees, formed a family-like atmosphere where everybody felt at home, supported, and inspired. We made so many good friends and professional connections. Women in Horror Film Festival is everything you’d hope a festival would be and more. SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT! - Edward Lyons, director ALFRED J. HEMLOCK

I was proud to be selected for this fantastic horror festival with SQUEAL and then to win the Best Director Lizzie was truly an honour. There was a great sense of community, even from afar, and though I didn't get to travel over for the fest - the excitement of the festival flowed across the Atlantic - the atmosphere and anticipation of the groundbreaking and fun work of women filmmakers working in horror. Can't wait for next year, I'm submitting again.... - Lucy Campbell, director SQUEAL